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Yeye, pronoucned “yay – yay,” is often used as a praise name for the feminine energies that make up the spiritual pantheon of the Yoruba. With this spirit in mind Yeye yOga was designed to gently lead budding yogi and seasoned practitioners through a practice that connects each individual to their source.

For the last ten years I’ve found immeasurable comfort on my yoga mat. The practice has been a constant in my life, helping me maintain a sense of presence while maneuvering the twists and turns that we all face.

While following my personal path, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the ancient belief system of the Yoruba of Nigeria and the Hindu of ancient India.  This discovery caused me to fall in love with the practice of moving meditation even more… but something was still missing.


I found that I was routinely the only woman of color in my studio classes.  I tried to brush it off, blaming my inability to ignore my isolation on my underdeveloped sense of oneness…  after all we’re all in this together …right?

But the fact remained;  scores of women who would benefit from the ancient and familiar practice of yoga and meditation do not make up a significant portion of the general yoga population. And so Yeye yOga was born with the purpose of encouraging diversity within the yoga community and creating space for  all to feel welcomed and nurtured.


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