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Sex & the Siddhi : Part one : HIM


*Sex & the Siddhi : Part 1 : Him* 
by Jazmyn Burton for Elephant Journal 

I have a confession to make: my inability quest to conquer my loneliness has turned me into a catfisher. Pathetic, right?

See, there’s this guy; extremely handsome, artistically inclined with a fascinating Facebook persona who I’ve become infatuated with. Sometimes, when my day hits that Omg, is it time to go home? hour I visit his page, flip through his pictures, posts and wonder what he’s like in real life.

I’m not proud of this. It all feels very juvenile.

But you have to understand before I came across his Facebook avatar, he manifested in a meditation. Let me explain: dating while single-mothering is a difficult feat. I haven’t had a significant other in a long, long time.

Maybe the universe is leading me through a crash course in self-love, maybe I need to get out more…

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