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Get Rooted

tadasana-mountain11For some people presence comes easy.  But, for those of us who spend more time in our heads than not, the process can be difficult.

Being grounded means being fully in the moment. Not allowing the distractions of the past or the possibilities of the future get in the way, your mind is still and you are completely focused.

Can you recall a time when you felt that way?

When I first started practicing presence I experienced boredom. Being in the now can be quiet and uncomfortable when you’re use to drama.

Our lives leave very little time to be in the moment. But if you can find a space, even if it’s only a few seconds to connect with what’s happening in your world at this present moment your life will flow more effectively.

The beginning of the process is always difficult. Our thoughts don’t always go away so easily, it takes time to remember. And once we get there, we have a blank slate, we can erase tapes, false stories and memories based on our past and develop new stories about who we are from moment to moment.

Find the rituals that keep you in the moment. They can be simple, they can be complicated. By consciously practicing becoming grounded, we are able to more frequently come from this state. Like most everything, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.


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